Polypropylene Woven Bags

As per the customer requirement and standard parameter are manufacturing the block bottom cement bags like 50kgs and 25 kgs.


Product Description

Properties Of Polypropylene Woven Bags

The properties of woven PP bags come from two aspects:

  1. Properties of polypropylene
  2. Properties of woven method

Polypropylene has qualities of rot/flame/chemical resistance, and woven method means strong yet breath. Combining together with other factors, we got 9 facts of woven PP bags.

  • Woven PP Bags are reusable.
  • Woven PP Bags don’t degrade when wet.
  • Woven PP Bags are naturally resistant to tearing.
  • Woven PP Bags can be printed on one side or both sides.
  • Woven PP Bags allow the contents to breath until air dried.
  • Woven PP Bags have better burst strength than plastic bags
  • Woven PP Bags can be partially transparent for outstanding presentation.
  • Woven PP Bags can be laminated as the vapor and moisture barrier.

Advantage :

  • Higher Strength
  • Reduce Space through Higher Stacking
  • Easy Transportation
  • Environment Friendly
  • Good Printing Quality
  • More Market Value through more printing surface
  • Resists water & humidity
  • Maximum protection
  • Auto Filling – Sack Placing & Filling
  • Save Product and Money