PPC Cement used in all types of construction. | SIMBA CEMENT 32.5N

A product of National Cement Company, Simba Cement prides itself in its Kenyan roots and endeavours to bring out the best in cement products in the country by employing the latest cutting-edge technologies that ensures we remain ahead of the game, and set some of the highest international standards in our business for decades to come.

Advantages of simba cement 32.5N :

  • Faster drying and settling time
  • Greater comprehensive strength
  • Suitable for Kenyan tropical weather conditions
  • Better coverage comparatively
  • KEBS certified
  • Suitable for all general purpose applications
  • No breakage or spillage due to eco-friendly packing
  • High grade of fineness
  • Has the Kenya Bureau of Standards “Diamond Mark of Quality”

OPC Cement used in the building of Roads. Bridges. High-rise buildings and Heavy-duty Structures. | SIMBA POWER 42.5N

OPC SIMBA POWER-42.5N is a Special High Grade cement, used in the building of roads. Our products are fast becoming the choice brands in helping build a new Kenya which is currently witnessing one of its finest years of development.

Our Simba brands are serving in the building of bridges, national and regional highways and roads, heavy-duty concrete works, high-rise buildings and other commercial and non-commercial property development projects.

Advantages of Simba Power 42.5N

  • Suitable for specialised constructions
  • Versatile application for bridges, towers, pavements, highways, high-rise towers, etc
  • High supportive strength to the structures
  • Specific international formulation