Scope of work

Northwood Aviation Kenya offers a variety of services that include:

  • Survey
  • Long line lifting
  • Medical evacuations
  • Filming
  • Security flights
  • Valuables in Transit
  • Cash in Transit
  • Security operations
  • Fire fighting
  • High-voltage power line survey
  • Crew changes
  • Executive transfers and charters
  • Customised operations
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Anti-poaching surveillance.


The firm’s available fleet consists of two helicopters.

All its aircraft are equipped with tracking devices that can be monitored and accessed from any device with Internet
connection with confidential password for each client.

Professional personnel

Northwood Aviation’s enormously experienced contingent of men and women bring with them an immeasurable amount of industry skills, knowledge, aptitude and understanding. In operations alone, the firm’s managerial staff have over 20 years individual experience, inclusive of both civilian and military service. All pilots who join the helicopter firm must have not less than 4,500 hours total flight time.


Our maintenance is done by Airbus helicopter manufacturers themselves and is situated in the facilities of Northwood Aviation based in Kenya.

Professional from launch to landing

The bottom line is, when you are flying the most demanding missions in the world, you want an aviation company that is unmatched in its focus to both professionalism, safety and time saving as you are.

Our Chief pilot will assist you in compiling a cost effective solution to you aerial needs.